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It is skunk breading season in Northern Michigan.  The owner of our company, Gregg Schumaker has spoken at national training events and has given local lectures on skunk biology and behavior.  As you can see skunks like Gregg as much as he likes them.  If you are experiencing skunk odors or think you have a den site on your property contact our office 231-347-2540.

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Busy time of the year

Raccoons and skunks have given birth a few weeks back, adding huge challenges to removing them safely and humanely.  Mole activity is in full swing and we are catching many.  Busy time of year for a Wildlife Control Operator.

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It's that time of year when skunks are emerging from their winter dens to find a mate.  Some skunks encounter cars head-on, while others make themselves at home under your deck, backyard or garage.

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We have received alot of calls recently for skunk issues: digging in the yard, hanging out underneath the porch, etc.  With the onset of winter, this issue won't go away.  Skunks are not true hibernators in the winter,

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Skunks are able to dig and create their own burrows; however, they will also use hollow logs, wood or rock piles, buildings, stone walls, hay or brush piles, to provide protection from predators.